6 thoughts on “A few words on commenting policy”

  1. I was advised by Google that you like my Post:


    Well, I like yours, and I like the Rules that you stipulate. I am not a blind old fool to believe in total freedom on the Internet.

    You are in a somewhat different field than I am but I like the clarity and your straightforward talk. Differences to me are enriching things from which to learn.

    If you agree with that I look forward to see you in my Site and I will study your post on the “Mars Colony” though I do not agree that it is the way out of our problems on earth.

    Good luck; it is a joy to see another Blog with good design, Rules, and finesse.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Freedom on the Internet is both good and bad. With a low threshold people can easily share their opinion, however cranks can also easily spread the Internet with their bullshit. Since we take our site serious, we do not allow all kind of BS.

      Well, our site is site is opposed to the establishment of Mars colonies.

  2. Mordanicus,
    I find your site intriguing, but the idea of humans setting up colonies anywhere is somewhat alarming, since we do such a poor job of taking care of the earth. Shouldn’t we just stay where we are until we learn to be less destructive?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I see your point and I think you address an important issue. But the longer we stay on earth, the more this planet will suffer from our destructive behaviour. And moving to space might provide the opportunity to force people to rethink their habits, and to change for the better.

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