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This site is aimed at the formation of a independent secular, humanist republic in Space, called the Humanist Republic of Mordan. This new Republic will be based on classical republicanism and classical liberalism

The Lagrangian Republican Association differs from other “space” advocacy groups in several aspects.

First of all, for us space colonization is a mean to create a better society, not just an end in itself. Secondly we reject begging for tax payers money, we believe that through crowd sourcing and good investments it will be possible to establish an independent nation in outer space between 2035 and 2050.

On this site we will publish several articles on topics related to Space Colonization, not only on technical topics, but also on political and social issues related to Space Colonization. Actually we will spent most attention to the latter issues, since there are on technical issues of Space Colonization already many sources on the internet, and whenever needed, we will refer to them. Nonetheless we will pay attention to those technical issues.

Even if you are not into space colonization, there are posts which might interest you. Since many of the topics we discuss are related to the influence of technology on society, they are often relevant for terrestrial politics as well.

We recommend new visitors to check our Reader’s Guide (which can be found under “Background information”). This reader’s guide gives an overview of our most important posts. And if you want to comment on our site, which we appreciate, we urge you to consult our comment policy first.

Important to note is that we are not affiliated the so called “Republican” Party from the USA (we prefer to call this non-republican party the GOP), neither do we support their policies.

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  1. We don’t need cash if the information is stored in physical memory or a hard drive not sensitive to massive solar flares. Yes, your digital records may be erased or stolen but that is a problem solvable by downloading a physical file on a periodic basis somewhere and having a recent personal record on your personal computer or cell phone memory. Best wishes. Uldis

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