Simple steps to the future of mining and a permanent solution to the problem of dwindling resources.

Asteroid mining is not only the solution for resource depletion on Earth, but is also good for our environment. A lot of current environmental demage is caused by mining.

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The problems faced by us all with resource scarcity and the possible solutions on the horizon. Even though they might seem unrealistic they can still be envisioned by the average person with a reasonable science understanding.

Would it surprise you that the needle indicating the amount of certain resources essential to our technological way of life are running near empty? If the current level of demand for non-renewable resources such as copper, Indium and even Silver will be depleted in under 30 years! This might not seem to bad for many of us but it will cause many headaches for our children. So if we can’t get these resources from existing mines any-more where can we get them?
One solution that is being given thought to these days is to acquire rare elements from near earth passing asteroids. Ok this might sound like something from the pages of a science…

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One thought on “Simple steps to the future of mining and a permanent solution to the problem of dwindling resources.”

  1. This is very close to the same points I brought up in a recent college paper I was writing. The more I read about this subject, the more I hope it gains legitimate traction (as it has, but only lately). Glad there’s others out there who include the skies above us when referring to “our world.”

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