The Mars One Hoax continues

It seems that some 78,000 people have submitted an application for an one-way ticket to Mars by Dutch organisation Mars One. It’s no secret were highly sceptical of these organisation and the colonization of Mars in general.

One of the reasons why projects aimed at the colonisation of Mars get more attention than the deserve is the gross lack of knowledge among journalists. Too many journalists are unfamiliar with the subject of space colonisation and only a very few of them are aware of Gerard O’Neill, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky or John S. Lewis. Because they lack the knowledge to critically analyse Mars colonisation plans, they are easy prey for ruthless people as Bas Lansdorp.

One of the more peculiar aspects of the Mars One program is their reality TV show. We have to recall that Mr. Lansdorp is a Dutchman and that the Netherlands is the birthplace of reality TV (Big Brother).  So we have to ask whether the whole talk about colonising Mars is in fact nothing more than a pretext for the reality show. The applicants will be televised while they are thinking they will go to the Red Planet.

Of course, no reality TV show will ever raise enough money to fund the whole project (6 billion dollar according to Mars One, our own calculation estimate the project on 7 to 10 billion dollar). So do they have additional funding? Their site does not mention it. Therefore we suspect that it is all about the TV show.

It would not surprise us if Bas Lansdorp will tell at the end of the series, that the whole thing is nothing more than a hoax. So wannabe Mars colonists be aware!

See for more about Mars colonisation.

12 thoughts on “The Mars One Hoax continues”

    1. Yes, you has to pay 25 dollar (or euros) if you submit an application. Officially to make sure only serious candidates will apply (that’s a sound argument). However 25 times 78,000 is not a small amount of money, is it? It is an easy way to raise money for a scam, they are aimed at 500,000 applications by the end of summer, which would be 12,5 million.

      I don’t think they will reach their 500,000 target since most fanatics Martians has already submitted their application. And their show will raise at its best some 100 million. That’s way below their 6 billion estimate.

      1. But it is a quick way to raise money unless they have a money back guarantee for those who don’t succeed. Meanwhile am thinking it is a hoax. Do we already have a spaceship to take people to mars or is that part of the budget to make a vessel to deliver them to mars?

        1. I don’t know whether they have a refund policy, but knowing my compatriots, I don’t think so. Your question is a good one. My own calculation of cost of sending people to Mars is based on the operational costs of the ISS, I have no data about development costs etcetera. Actually I am quite interested in their lay outs of their six billion estimate. What are the parameters? I assume if they have a six billion dollar estimate, they should be able to tell how they have arrived at it. If they cannot produce such data, it is clear it’s a hoax.

  1. I wonder if the people signing up for Mars are the same ones that watch Big Brother. 🙂
    I am not sure if journalists could be excused for taking this seriously, though!

    1. Maybe, humans are strange being. The role of journalists in this is a complex one, it’s clear that Mars One is playing with them in order to achieve their aims. On the other hand journalists should question the feasibility of this project, to consult scientists who are specialized in this subject. I have yet to see a critical review of Mars One written by any journalist, although I might missed it.

  2. I saw the story on twitter and since I have plans to still visit the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, The Colosseum, and many other ancient sites, I didn’t give it even a cursory glance.
    I hope, though, I will get information from here on space colonization, just the little that I need to stir my interest a little.

  3. Even if they did manage to go to Mars, the next reality series would be last survivor on Mars. Of course, since they would all eventually die, there would be no need to award first prize!

  4. Now that’s a disturbing idea. This being a hoax would be quite repugnant from an emotional point of view. Playing with the hopes and dreams of people just to shatter them and tell them they were scammed seems like a terrible thing to do.

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