Exogenesis and Space colonization

Reading this post, I was reminded to the concept of exogenesis. No, this is not a combination of exodus and genesis, rather it is a scientific hypothesis about the origin of life. Basically exogenesis is the idea that life on Earth has extraterrestrial origins, in this the concept is similar to panspermia.

Panspermia and exogenesis have a subtle difference, although some consider exogenesis as a particular type of panspermia. As originally proposed by Fred Hoyle, panspermia is the idea that life in some primitive form has always existed. At some point in the distant past, some of these life-forms has landed on Earth. This is, however, no alternative for evolution by natural selection, rather it’s the rejection of abiogenesis. More recent versions of panspermia, state that life is transferred from one planet to another.

Exogenesis on the other hand, is the idea that either life has come into existence in outer space or that at least, certain necessary chemical compounds for life has originated in space. Subsequently, some of these life-forms or compounds has arrived on Earth, thereafter they evolved to terrestrial life. In short, exogenesis places abiogenesis outside our planet instead of rejecting it completely.

There are several arguments in favour of exogenesis. Some scientists believe that organic compounds can be formed more easily is three dimensionally at high velocities in outer space than on Earth. A more empirically argument is the detection of organic compound in interstellar clouds.

If exogenesis is true, then Space colonization is in fact about the return of life to where it came from. Or more poetically, we might say that the seeds of life came from outer space and needed to be planted in a suitable womb, the Earth, in order to develop. Now the time has come that Life has to been born and to expand over the Galaxy.

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