Why racism is bullshit

The following YouTube video is about a white girl with blue eyes and blond hair born to… two black Nigerian parents without any known white ancestry. According to the scientist at the end of the video, there are about twelve in genes involved with “racial” characteristics, a rare mutation might radically change someone’s “racial” appearance. In other words, racism is utterly nonsense.

9 thoughts on “Why racism is bullshit”

    1. Well, that would be a convenient explanation for our creationist friends, who had otherwise to accept to see evolution in progress.

      1. Imagine the Mormons explaining this!? “Black people are tainted… it goes back to Cain who was stained by Gawd… but this baby must be pure… we MUST baptise it immediately!” 🙂

  1. I hope none of us needed any convincing that racism is bullshit. I remember how people in South Africa had their race reassigned: they published a list every year of whites who had become black, and vice versa and people who had gone from being black to asian and vice versa. One girl born in a white family was pronounced black after complaints from the parents of her school mates (there is a documentary about her life but I don’t remember the name). After that happened, she was banned from school and she could no longer live with her biological parents! I hope the girl in the youtube clip has a much happier future ahead of her!

    1. “I hope the girl in the youtube clip has a much happier future ahead of her!”

      Well, her parents and siblings seemed to be happy with the new baby girl in their family.

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