Declaration on International Conflicts

This is a declaration on the formal position of Republic of Lagrangia in matters of international conflicts.

For the purpose of this declaration, international conflicts are defined as any dispute between any number of nations, regardless whether any nation involved is recognized as such by the international community.

Since the purpose of Republic of Lagrangia is the establishment of an independent and sovereign republic in outer space, RofL maintains a policy of strict neutrality in matters of international disputes between terrestrial nations. For all on going international conflicts RofL is in favour of any peaceful resolution of those conflicts, for any of those conflicts RofL does not prefer any particular solution.

Consequently, RofL will not discuss any particular international conflict between terrestrial nations in its publication, nor will it allow any public discussion thereof on its blogs and fora. However, this will not prevent RofL from referring to international conflicts for illustrious purposes, provided that none of the parties involved will receive any credit or discredit.

8 thoughts on “Declaration on International Conflicts”

    1. There are a lot of international conflicts, as you know, and by taking any position regarding any of these RofL’s plans to create an independent state in space might be jeopardised. In order to gain trust from other nations, neutrality is the best option.

      1. Not off the top of my head, no… but it’d have to be short and encapsulate the idea of secularism/science trumping everything else.

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