Dutch rabbi declares in-vitro meat to be kosher

According to Dutch rabbi Lody van de Kamp, in vitro meat is in line with the kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws. Earlier this week the first hamburger made of cultured meat was presented by the public, at this occasion is was announced that Google founder Sergey Brin was the chief sponsor of the project.

Mr. Van de Kamp also states that in-vitro meat might be a solution for the ongoing discussion about ritual slaughter in the Netherlands. Last year a bill aimed at the prohibition of ritual slaughter without stunning was the defeated in the Dutch senate, after having passed by the house of representatives. Surprisingly the rabbi also suggested that in the future, if stem cell can be made from DNA without harvesting of an animal, Jews can be allowed to eat pork.

4 thoughts on “Dutch rabbi declares in-vitro meat to be kosher”

    1. It’s odd indeed, but I wanted to look at it from a positive perspective. Here we have a religious leader who supports some new technology, some scientific progress. Although I do not know to which particular group this rabbi belongs, and he much support he has, it’s important he didn’t rejected this technology out right. Further he is willing to solve a big issue in Dutch society, the unstunned ritual slaughter, which is opposed by many.

      However, I can imagine that this rabbi is gotten sick of the bizarre rules of the kashrut. These rules make it quite hard of a religious Jew to do groceries in a gentile convenience store. And by accepting in vitro meat, he might reduce the friction caused by the kashrut in daily life.

  1. I keep telling a muslim friend of mine to just eat pork, Mo will not bother. Religion makes men slaves in all aspects of their life

    1. Personally I do not care whether people will not eat something because of their superstitions. I have a problem with those people, however, if they try to impose their superstitions on others.

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