Micronations, republicanism and other stuff

As one can read in our FAQ Republic of Lagrangia has nothing to do with so-called micronations. Though the name of our organization might cause some confusion, by suggesting otherwise. Therefore it’s important to stress the differences between Republic of Lagrangia and micronations.

Micronations are groups or (mostly) individuals who claim to be an independent and sovereign state. Internet has fuelled such initiatives, since everyone can set up a website for his or her own “state”. Micronation make their own laws, some even issue their own post stamps and coins. They often claim a certain territory, which often includes territory held by real nations, though their territorial claims are often limited to the homes of the micronationalists. Some micronationalists claim fictional territories, in which case the proper term is geofiction.

Republic of Lagrangia on the other hand, is a think-tank dedicated to the settlement of outer-space by private means and the creation of a secular, liberal and humanist republic in outer space. As such we do not issue money or stamps, nor do we create laws. Instead we discuss how a future space based society might look like, and we propose all kind of reforms we believe are necessary.

Many micronations are monarchies, mostly created with the sole purpose of giving their founders royal or princely titles or selling titles of nobility to outsiders. Though many micronations are just a hobby, some are outright scams. Quite remarkable is the number of absolute monarchies among micronations.

A few days ago we received through our contact form a reaction from a micronationalist crank, who claimed to be the king of a part of Antarctica known as Marie Byrd Land. This person demanded, rather than requesting, that we should join him in his attempt to settle or that we should at least place a link to his website on our site. Of course, we will decline these outrageous demands.

First of all, Republic of Lagrangia is as an organization dedicated to republicanism and as such we oppose monarchism, and absolute monarchy in particular. Further, we are interested in colonizing outer-space and not Antarctica. Additionally we put high value on our reputation, and therefore we are careful with linking to other sites. Consequently we will not link to sites we do not approve off.

Also as matter of policy, Republic of Lagrangia will not establish contact with micronations. Though we do not oppose micronations as such, we believe that being associated with micronations will not be in our advantage.

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    1. Having your own state is a dangerous business, especially if you claim territory of other states. That’s why Antarctica, Marie Byrd Land in particular, among micronationalists, because it isn’t claimed by any real nation. There is a small plot of land between the Netherlands and Germany, which as result of a boundary dispute is not claimed by either the Dutch or the Germans. Some Dutch guy took advantage of this situation and created the nation of Eurostaete.

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