Would you eat 3D-printed meat? 7 vegetarians and vegans reflect

This combines two of our favourite topics: in vitro meat and 3D-printing. The idea is as simple as fascinating: growing the desired tissue in the lab. And because 3D-printers can print complex structures at low costs, you have all kind of meat besides meatloaf. It’s not hard to imagine how a butcher’s shop in thirty years might look like: one or more 3D-printer at the desk, and when a costumer orders something, the buthcer will take a tissue culture and put into the printer. Few minutes later a contend customer leaves the shop.

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In August, the first lab-grown beefburger was cooked and tasted in London. The verdict? “[It tasted] like an animal protein cake, said Josh Schonwald, author of The Taste of Tomorrow and one of the “lucky” few to taste the $330,000 morsel of petri dish meat.

The future of slaughter-less meat is not far off. In fact, scientists project it could be in the aisles of our supermarkets in 10 to 20 years. [ted_talkteaser id=1824]In today’s talk, Andras Forgacs, CEO and co-founder of Modern Meadow, explains the process of biofabrication and asks an interesting question: “What if, instead of starting with a complex, sentient animal, we started with what the tissues are made of, the basic unit of life, the cell?” Biofabrication, he says, signals the rise of a new industry that is both sustainable and humane and could radically change a society and environment shaped by the consumption of…

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