How to follow this blog

There are several ways to follow this blog. If you have a WordPress account, you can easily follow us. Just log in with your WordPress account, go to this blog and click on “Follow”.

But if you do not have a WordPress account you can follow us by email. On the home page you can find in the side bar a field where you can enter your email address. Once you have entered your email, you will receive a mail from WordPress to confirm you subscription. After confirmation you will receive updates when we post something new on this blog.

For people with a blogger account, there’s yet another way to follow us. If you log in by blogger, you will get page called “My Blogs”. This page has two sections, the first is about your own blogs. The second are blogs you follow, called the “reading list”. If you click on the “Add” button, you can enter a URL. The great thing you can address you want there, including WordPress blogs. If you have done this, you will receive the feed of our postings.

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