A few words on spam

Recently we of Republic of Lagrangia saw a sharp increase in the amount spam comments submitted to our blog. Fortunately Akismet saved us from those comments to be entered on our site.

An interesting question is, of course, why do people spam us and other blogs with spam comments? Links. How search engines rank web pages is precisely known, but number of links to a certain page is a factor in this process. Basically the more sites are pointing to yours, the higher your page will end up in search engine results. The idea of spam in blogs is to increase the number of links to the sites of spammers, and this practise is known as search engine optimisation or SEO.

But how do spammers get to our site? Through the use of Google, we found a page which stated that ours is good for SEO purposes. Thus there exist sites which “recommend” sites to spammers. However we want to make a clear statement to those spammers who get fooled by such sites: Our blog is not suitable for your SEO purposes. We don’t approve spam comments, and Akismet almost never fails, and every first comment has to be approved before it ever enters on our blog.

Of course we know that spammers do not read our posts and pages, given that they even try to spam on our page on our comment policy. But don’t forget that spammers are absolute evil. They cost society billions of dollars, because they waste memory and slow down the Internet. Also they try to manipulate search engines so their useless spam blogs and up above real content.

But of course, we will continue despite all attempts by spammers to disturb our site. And will not allow that this site will ever become a spammer’s paradise.

6 thoughts on “A few words on spam”

    1. Your site is suitable enough to make me happy. And you should be too if you get less than 10 spam comments each day. Most of them are just so plain BS, that one will think do they seriously believe we will approve them?

  1. I like canned spam, but that’s aside from the point 😉
    Internet spam should just cease to exist because of all the points you mentioned. I don’t understand the need to bombard people with useless junk… Don’t spammers have anything else to do?

    1. Well, it seems so. But actually spammers got paid for it, at least they get paid for people clicking on links. Most spam is just a kind of advertising or aimed at improving search engine rankings. If many sites link to a particular one, the search engine might think that site might be a good one. Fortunately many search engines try to filter such things out of their results.

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