UN rejects national sovereignty and tries to fustrate democracy

On BBC News we just read the following article, in which the UN argues that Uruguay’s decision to legalize cannabis is in violation of international law. This statement by the UN, is in our eyes once again a reason that space settlements should never join the UN. The United Nations is an organization which is hostile to national sovereignty and democracy.

Republic of Lagrangia supports the decision of the sovereign nation of Uruguay, because the “war on drugs” has utterly failed. And even worse tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed as result of gang wars caused by the criminalization of drugs. By opposing the only way to handle the problem of drug use, legalization and regulation of drugs, the UN is responsible for crimes against humanity.

And we have to keep in mind that UN law is not the same as international law.

10 thoughts on “UN rejects national sovereignty and tries to fustrate democracy”

  1. We agree with you. Cannabis is a weed that grows naturally, to criminalize it while people die from overdose of asprin or are hooked on sleeping pills is to apply double standards that we can’t accept. It is the police and the drug dealers who benefit when things like weed are criminalized. Legislators should apply their brains if they got any when dealing with such issues

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