Happy New Year

We wish you all a happy new year!

2014 will be an important year for Republic of Lagrangia. In February it will be fifteen years ago I started with the first version of this project, and we will celebrate this third lustrum.  We intend to publish the Mordan Ideology around February 14th. In this we will give a systematic overview of the reforms we want to introduce in Space Settlements. Later this year we intend to publish a first draft version of the Constitution. And some time around October 4th, we want to publish a proposal for the national language of our Space nation. In order to increase the interaction with our readers, we will make more use of polls in 2014.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. A poll does sound fun. Warning you right away. Meme and I will be polling and pulling in opposite directions, so you can probably disregard our answers. 🙂

    1. Well, since you have told me this, I will design the questions in such way, it will be difficult to do so. However, if enough people fill in the poll, it would not matter what a single individual does.

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