Hunger strikers

We just got the news that Norwegian mass murderer and terrorist Anders Breivik has gone on hunger strike. One of his demands is a Playstation 3, also he demands a greater weekly allowance. Of course these are silly demands, but it’s interesting to reflect on we should deal with hunger strikers.

In many, if not most, countries authorities often resort to force-feeding in order to end the hunger strike. Or they do some concessions. We however believe that authorities should do neither of these actions.

Every person should have the right to protest in such manner he wish, as long he does not harm others by doing so. Authorities should only consider rational arguments, however, and if demonstrators have such arguments, that should be the basis of negotiations. Those demonstrators who lack such rational arguments, no engagement should be undertaken.

If a person with irrational and unacceptable demands would go on hunger strike, we should leave him alone, even if this would lead to his death. If aspirant-hunger strikers know that they’ll most likely die, many of them will not pursue such action. Besides if a person with full understanding of the risks of his actions, willingly decides to go on hunger strike, he should accept that risk.

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