Update on stem cells

Recently we did a post on a new method of creating induced pluripotent stem cells, which does not require either destroying embryos or genetic engineering, only a bath with certain chemicals. This breakthrough caused great excitement around the world.

And quite surprising many scientists around the world have started to replicate the Japanese experiment. Unfortunately, until now without success. However, many scientists working in this field are, as yet, still reluctantly to call this discovery a fraud. Instead many suggest that the Japanese have not unfold the whole procedure, possibly due to a patent application.

Nature, the journal which has published the Japanese research, is now investigating the integrity of the scientists who wrote the article. We believe that this is a good thing, though we hope that the researchers will be found integer, after all extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

6 thoughts on “Update on stem cells”

  1. Hard to see how faking some result would help their cause (for research $$’s), but then again, we did experience this with cold fusion a few years ago, and, of course, the human cloning “announcement.”

    1. The two cases you mentioned, are good examples of how science is self-correcting. But there’re besides financial motives, other reason to “fake” scientific discoveries, (temporary) fame for instance. It might also be the case that the scientists in question did not commit fraud, but they have misinterpreted their own results.

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