How to combat racism

On the website of The Guardian we found this important article. According to this article white people become less racial prejudiced when they move to ethnically diverse areas, as result of witnessing positive interactions between people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.There are no a priori reasons to assume the same is true for people of different racial groups.

This study is relevant for the governments of Space Settlements. They could reduce racial prejudices in their societies by careful allocation of residencies to settlers in order to create ethnically diverse neighbourhoods, and to prevent the creation of “china-towns”.

Space settlements can do so by introducing quotas which state that no more than a certain percentage, for example 15%, of the population of a certain neighbourhood can be of the same ethnicity. Further the government of a Space Settlement could use lottery to assign residencies to its immigrants. This will result in neighbourhoods which are representative for the whole population of the settlement.

3 thoughts on “How to combat racism”

  1. Thank you for thinking about preventing such bad feelings amoung humans. It is indeed very very important to live these really bad human attitude, which has dramatical influence on how good is a society. Like your proposition a lot.

  2. Desegregation is a proven remedy. Just look at how younger Americans are more racially and ethnically harmonious than their parents. It should also be much easier to accomplish in space settlements.

    1. We fully agree with you, in Dutch we have the following saying “Onbekend maakt onbemind”, which loosely translated means: “Unknown means unloved”.

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