What we are not

Republic of Lagrangia is not a space blog

That is we are not a generic space blog, we don’t write about everything related to space and space exploration. For us space colonization is a mean to an end, the establishment of a new society. Hence we wrote about those subjects which are relevant for space colonization and social reforms. See here for more.

Republic of Lagrangia is not a science fiction fan club

Though space colonization is a popular theme in science fiction, albeit often rife with planetary chauvinism, space colonization is a serious subject regarding the future of humanity. Therefore we discuss space colonization from a realistic and scientific perspective.

This should not be understood as we dislike science fiction, on the contrary SF can be very inspiring, but we don’t discuss science fiction on this site. However, since science fiction often deals with similar topics as the ones we discuss here, it’s acceptable to refer to certain works of science fiction (or to fiction in general) in comments. But keep in mind that those references should be relevant to the particular discussion, and that the cited piece of science fiction should be reasonably realistic.

Republic of Lagrangia is not a debating club

Some people like get engaged in discussion on the Internet just for the fun of debating with others. The Internet is full with forums and blogs suited for that purpose. And there is nothing wrong with this.

Only if your intention is to engage in a discussion just to win, Republic of Lagrangia is not the place to be. Discussions on this site are meant to be constructive, i.e. to further our aims. It is good to give critique on our articles, if provided with arguments, or to propose alternatives.

However, if you don’t show any interest in a constructive discussion, as opposed to a debate, we won’t bother to engage with you. We will not waste our time and energy to ’tis! ’tisn’t games.

If you cannot absolutely find yourself in what we stand for, than you could better leave this site. We respect that people have different preferences, but there is no point in seeking to change our preferences.

Republic of Lagrangia is not a lobby club

We don’t actively seek any terrestrial government to pursue any of the proposals we defend on this site, nor do we lobby said governments to further space colonization.


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  1. I have been following your site for awhile —you have interesting insights and inspirational thoughts as well. I feel that a wider audience would be a good idea. I took the liberty of posting your site on scienceseeker.org. Best to you. John

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