Stop lethal injections

How much more evidence does one need, to understand that lethal injection should be abolished? Another US execution by lethal injection has horribly failed. Because of shortages of the drugs traditionally used in lethal injection, US states have experimented with other drugs. But those drugs are highly controversial, and for good reasons.

There’s only one conclusion to be made: abolish lethal injection immediately!

The call to abolish lethal injection should not be considered as a call to abolish capital punishment per se. In fact if lethal injection is continued, and lead s to many more botched executions, overall public support for the death penalty will decline.

It is our opinion that the debate about capital punishment should be based on rational arguments. Botched executions, however, only provide emotional arguments against the death penalty, and will bury any rational case in favour of capital punishment.

6 thoughts on “Stop lethal injections”

  1. The controversy surrounding Oklahoma’s botched execution last night has more to do with government secrecy (regarding procurement sources for lethal injection drugs and its application) and the prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment” (within the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution) than it does with the death penalty’s legal status.

    However, public opinion would likely shift against the latter if the first two issues continue to be problematic.

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