Quantum teleportation and space settlements

Dutch scientists have succeeded in transmitting information through quantum teleportation, and thereby they proved that Einstein was wrong on this issue.

The essence of quantum teleportation is that information is transferred from A to B, without passing through the intermediate space be it through fibers or radio waves. And because the information does not traverse space, it cannot be intercepted, hence quantum teleportation would allow a totally secure connection. The only thing you need to set up a secure channel, is to create a pair of entangled particles.

Besides complete confidentiality, quantum teleportation has another advantage. Radio waves can interfere with each other, causing loss of date and fibers can be broken. Neither of this will happen with quantum teleportation. Also unlike with radio-communication a person using QT cannot be detected by a third party. This is interesting for military operations in space.

Two space settlements can securely communicate with each other if they have each one of half of an entangled pair. And by having multiple pairs, one could construct a secure communication network between several space settlements. But there is one big warning to be made: secured communication is only guaranteed between two parties, once a party has received the information it would be able to intercept the information at that point. So if you send information from A to C through B by QT, you still need to take measures to secure B.

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    1. It is still very experimental, and it was a relative short distance. The scientists are now planning to reproduce it at a larger distance. So at this moment it’s unclear how expensive it will be, and whether it will be commercially available at all, but certainly not any time soon. However, you never knows, who knows there’ll be a major breakthrough in the next few years.

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