Robots and prostitution

Earlier we discussed the problems associated with prostitution (e.g. human traffic among others) on this site. We also proposed a system to solve some of these problems. In this post another “solution”: robot prostitutes.

In his book Love & Sex With Robots David Levy explores “the evolution of human-robot relationships”, more precisely romantic human-robot relationships. With having to summarize Levy’s book, he presents an argument why it is inevitable that people will have sex with robots, and that some people will even go so far as that they will “marry” their sex robot.

Not surprisingly Levy went on to discuss why people (men and women) visit prostitutes. He notes the similarity between paying a prostitute and either purchasing or renting [by the hour or the day] a sex robot.

For robot prostitution no significant technological breakthroughs are required, after all there are currently highly realistic sex dolls. Further animatronics is also well-developed, as is seen in these videos:

The main benefit of sex robots is that they cannot suffer, and hence they can be programmed to “like” being a prostitute. Therefore exploitation of [robot] sex workers will not be an issue. Maybe it will be an idea to ban human prostitution all together, and keep only robot prostitution legal.

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    Will robot prostitution be the way of the future? Or will human prostitutes form a lobby against legalization of robot prostitution? A good plot for a (mundane) SF story.

    1. Interesting thought. Though it presumes that robots are more perfect than humans, which begs the question: perfect to what standard? Who decides what is perfect? Maybe sex with robots is more perfect than with humans, but couldn’t be it the case that robots will suck on other aspects?

        1. It’s quite an interesting read about human sexuality and relationships in general, to some extent robots are actually of secondary importance in the book.

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