The Lagrangian Games

The Sun-Earth Lagrangian points 4 and 5 is located at a great distance from our planet. Though the associated travel time, about several weeks to a few months depending on the type of rockets used, is not prohibitive for the export of minerals to or the immigration from the blue planet; this will be a problem for short-term visitors.

It is therefore unlikely that sportsmen from Lagrangian space settlements will compete in terrestrial competitions or terrestrial sportsmen in Lagrangian ones. Hence it would be better for the Lagrangian community to organize its own sport events.

Some people consider the “Olympic” Games to be highest stage in the world of sport. This is illustrated by the fact that many sport organization are actively campaigning to have their sport included at the “Olympics”. Therefore we might consider to create a comparable alternative multi-sport events for the best Lagrangian sportsmen, which we will call the Lagrangian Games.

But unlike the “Olympic” Games, we propose to held the Lagrangian Games at a permanent location, preferable in a neutral space habitat specially build for this purpose. One of the major criticisms of the “Olympics” are the costs of building the required infrastructure every four (two) years, while most facilities will never be used again afterwards. By choosing a permanent location the same facilities can be used in multiple Lagrangian Games.

A second benefit of a permanent host is in the elimination of the bidding process. The bidding is a major source of corruption within the International “Olympic” Committee, since countries will be tempted to bribe IOC members.