The Mordan Open

Racketlon is a multisport match involving four stages: table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis (and in that sequence). The idea to combine these four racket-sports in one single match originated in Finland.

The game is played as follows: there are four sets (in sports and sequence mentioned above). Each set is played according to the rules of that particular sport. The set is played up to 21 points. The player who after these four sets has the most points wins the match, not the one who wins most sets. Typically the four sets are played shortly after each other.

In order to boost the Mordan economy and to strengthen its international prestige, we propose to introduce the Mordan Open Racketlon. The principal sponsor of this sport event will be the Mordan Federal Government.

The Mordan Open will consist of two tournaments, one for women and an other for men. Each tournament will start with 16 players, and will follow a double-elimination tournament. That means that one has to lose two times before permanently eliminated in the tournament, this in contrast to a single-elimination tournaments (as is used, for instance, in the knock-out stage of the Fifa World Cup).

The rationale behind a double-elimination tournament is as follows. Since the players are assigned their opponents in the first round by random selection (as is common in most sports), it’s possible that two strong players will play against each other in the first round. In a normal single-elimination tournament the losing strong players will be eliminated will weaker players could advance to later rounds, just by luck. In a double-elimination tournament losing strong players can still advance to the latter rounds. From a commercial point of view a double-elimination tournament is interesting because more matches will be played and each player will play at least two matches.