The Association of Lagrangian Nations

When multiple sovereign communities will be established at the 4th or 5th Sun-Earth Lagrange points (SEL), there will be a need for an intergovernmental platform. The leaders of the several Space Settlements will regularly meet to discuss their common interests and to settle their own disputes.

We propose the establishment of the Association of Lagrangian Nations (ALN). This organization will not be a military alliance, nor will it be a free-trade area. Rather it will be the Lagrangian alternative for the united nations, but with several key differences.

Compared to the united nations, the ALN will be much more limited in its aims and consequently it will run much fewer programs. Further the Association of Lagrangian Nation will not have any specialized organization and also the ALN should not be involved in “peacekeeping” missions.

The principal organs of the Association of Lagrangian Nations should be a General Assembly, a Secretariat and a Tribunal. The first organ is the highest organ and consists of the governments of the member states. The secretariat supports the GA administratively and the Tribunal serves to mediate in disputes between member-states. There will be no “security council”, nor will be there be any kind of veto-right.

The fundamental principles of the ALN are peaceful coexistence and respect for national sovereignty. Given that each Space Settlement will try its own social, economic or political policies, peaceful coexistence means that other settlements will respect those choices. Members of the ALN will be obliged to abstain from interfering with the internal affairs of other members.

The requirements for membership will be as follows:

  1. Being a Space Nation primarily located at the SEL points;
  2. Being a constitutional republic;
  3. Members of the united nations or the world trade organization are barred from membership;

A space nation is any sovereign state without terrestrial territory, hence terrestrial states are not allowed to join the ALN even if they would posses colonies at the SEL points. Constitutional republics are states who comply with the rule of law and respect human rights. This requirement intends to prevent authoritarian regimes from joining the ALN.  That dictatorships consist a substantial part of the membership of the united nations, is in our opinion one of its major flaws.

Unlike the united nations, member states of the Association of Lagrangian Nations could withdraw their membership at anytime by notifying the secretariat. ALN members who do not pay their membership fees will be automatically suspended.

Observer status could be awarded to:

  1. All states qualified for full membership but do not desire to join the ALN;
  2. Terrestrial states with colonies at SEL4 or SEL5;
  3. The united nations as representative of terrestrial nations;
  4. International non-governmental organizations.

Observers who disturb the orderly proceedings of the ALN will have their observer status revoked. Observers are not allowed to vote or propose resolutions at the GA, but can be allowed to speak at the Assembly. However, potential-observers cannot apply for this status, but are invited by the GA.