Four Goals

In chapter 3 of his book The High Frontier O’Neill formulates four general goals for us as humanity as a whole:

  1. There should be put an end to hunger and poverty for all humans;
  2. There should be found an optimal living climate for the entire world population;
  3. Without resorting to war, famine, dictatorial government or coercion, a birth control regime should be implemented;
  4. Individual liberty and freedom of choice for every single human being should be increased.

O’Neill, not surprisingly, argues that space colonization is the way to achieve these goals, or at least to contribute significantly to their achievement. Nevertheless these goals are likable, and most people will agree with them.

6 thoughts on “Four Goals”

    1. #3 is, of course, closely related to #1. One could hardly put an end to hunger and poverty, if the number of people grows without any regulation.

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