Less-lethal Weapons

Recently we discussed self-defense, our position is that people have a right to self-defense but that self-defense is restricted by proportionality and subsidiarity. The next question is subsequently what tools are acceptable for self-defense?

Proponents of firearms often cite the right of self-defense as justification of the private ownership of firearms. The problem with this type of weapons is however, that they have high lethally rate. Further many people have died as result of accidents with firearms.

Firearms are not the only effective tools to handle attackers. Over time several less-lethal weapons [commonly known as non-lethal weapons], which are designed to incapacitate rather than to kill people. Though fatal incidents does occur with such weapons, their mortality rates are much lower and hence less-lethal weapons are favorable to firearms.

With appropriate regulation, we propose that the citizens of space settlements should be able to obtain the following types of less-lethal weapons:

  • Pepper-spray and gas guns
  • Electric shock weapons
  • Acoustic weapons

Pepper-spray is a well-known weapon. Its primary use is to temporarily incapacitate an attacker, and to provide more time to escape. Gas guns have a similar function but these are guns which fire tear gas cartridges. They have the benefit they can be used at distance.

Electric shock weapons use electric pulses to temporarily paralyze an attacker, and hence also providing an opportunity to escape. These weapons are more suited for short distances.

Acoustic weapons use high-frequency sound to knockout people at temporary base. The main benefit of this type of weapons is that it leaves virtually no permanent damage to person against whom it is used.

The other side of the coin is that people could use this weapons for committing crimes as well. Therefore we are against unrestricted accessibility of these weapons. Regulations should be implemented to control the number and use of this weapons.

3 thoughts on “Less-lethal Weapons”

  1. I like these suggestions. There are times when your attacker surprises you giving you no chance to react. Maybe at such times, screaming, especially if it is in a populated area and people are good neighbours would be a good defense

    1. Screaming is a standard technique learned in self-defense training courses. Speaking for myself, I train Jujitsu , which was developed by the Japanese to defend themselves without weapons.

      1. There was a time I had an opportunity to learn martial arts and I let it pass. I don’t think I have much time now but it would be good to know how to defend oneself in a situation where your attacker is not armed with a lethal weapon.

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