On the military industry

As our regular readers and followers probably know, we want to found a neutral state. In foreign policy, neutrality is the policy of a state not to choose sides in an international conflict (and war in particular). Neutrality requires that a state is able to defend its own population and territory and does not depends on other countries for its defense.

According to Edwin Reischauer a neutral country needs to be heavily armed. Otherwise other powers could easily attack and defeat a neutral country. Neutrality is something else than pacifism.

We believe that a neutral country should develop its own military equipment and should not rely on foreign supplies. This principle is adhered to by several neutral states, including Sweden which develops, for instance, its own fighter jets.

A country’s military which depends on foreign equipment, might face difficulties in case of an armed conflict. In particular in case of a conflict with the supplier or an ally of the supplier. Not only does foreign supply jeopardize delivery and maintenance of equipment during war, but also equipment might be supplied on unfavorable terms which limits the sovereignty and independence of a neutral country.

Not only do we favor domestic production of all vital military equipment, we also favor the complete nationalization of the defense industry. This in order to prevent the emergence of a military-industrial complex.

If the production of military equipment is in hands of private, for-profit companies, there are several issues to consider. First, such companies might have an incentive to lobby for the purchase of unnecessary stuff. Second, these companies might even lobby for certain foreign policies which only guarantee the sale of stuff by the industry, regardless such policies are in advantage of the citizens. Third, defense companies might be tempted to sell their products to other nations, including potential enemies. This is a clear threat to national security.

Since the protection of citizens against foreign aggression is one of the core duties of the state, it would be reasonable that not only the military itself is a government agency but also the defense industry. Hence we are in favor of the formation of a Military Industrial Corps which will be placed under complete command of the ministry of defense.

On a related note we propose a complete ban on the export of arms [in particular to terrestrial nations]. Discarded equipment should be destroyed by the armed forces instead of being sold to other nations.