Police and firearms

In most jurisdictions firearms are part of the standard equipment of regular police officers. Only a few countries do not equip their regular police forces with firearms, and limit firearms to special units. Of these countries the UK is the most remarkable one, as it is the only larger and densely populated country where ordinary police officers don’t carry firearms on duty (with the exception of Northern Ireland).

There is a general believe that police officers should carry firearms while patrolling the streets in order to defend themselves or to stop armed criminals. This policy is however not without criticism, and some people argue that police officers carrying firearms leads to police brutality. Against this claim it is often argued that better training of police officers is the key to reducing police brutality, not taking away their guns.

On the other hand one could question whether carrying firearms is actually necessary, considering the advancements in less-lethal weapons. With such weapons a police officer could be able to maintain law and order without firearms.

The principal question is whether regular police officers in space settlements should carry firearms on duty, and that firearms should be limited to special units?

4 thoughts on “Police and firearms”

  1. I answered “no” to the poll, but here’s a qualification: If society becomes so dangerous that police have a legitimate need to arm themselves, then the fault lays not with law enforcement but with administrative governance for allowing the conditions which foster violence.

    1. >>but with administrative governance for allowing the conditions which foster violence.

      The government of space settlements should prevent the emergence of such conditions.

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