20,000 visitors and counting

Yesterday this site have crossed the 20,000 visitor mark. This is the official count as measured by WordPress, and so there might be an inaccuracy in this figure. Nevertheless we are quite happy with this milestone.

The coming period we will post about one post a week. If you want to read more of Mordanicus, please visit Fascinating Future. There he will be posting a few posts a week, including fiction as well commentaries on various topics.

7 thoughts on “20,000 visitors and counting”

    1. On this site I focus on those subjects which are related to space colonization. On Fascinating future I write about topics related to science fiction, e.g, science in general, as well my own stories. Just a matter of separated different topics/issues

  1. I can tell you this: The first 20,000 are the hardest. It’s gets easier after that. How long have you been at it? What month/year did you start? It’s not just visitors, it’s visitors vs. time that matters and shows if you’re growing.

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