Submission guidelines

On principle we have no problem with receiving unsolicited articles from readers. However we do not accept everything we receive. Any submitted content should fit within the subject matter of this site.

Before submitting any unsolicited content, one should first consider the following rules:

First of all we will never pay anything for unsolicited content. And we definitely do not need ghost writers.

Secondly we do not publish articles which promote conspiracy theories.

Thirdly we also consider requests for sharing articles you have published elsewhere as submitting unsolicited contents.

Fourthly submitted contents should deal with the social or technological aspects of space settlement, within in the context of humanism, secularism and liberalism.

Name change

In order to prevent confusion we have decided to change the name of this site, currently Republic of Lagrangia. There are two reasons to reconsider a name change:

  1. The current name either suggest that we are either a micronation or a government in exile. We are neither.
  2. It distracts from the actual name of the country we want to establish: the Humanist Republic of Mordan.

We are considering the following names:

  1. The Lagrangian Republican Association
  2. The Lagrangian Humanist Republicans
  3. The Lagrangian Humanist Settlers Association

We would like to hear your opinion on this change.

The real goal and challenge of establishing off-world colonies

Interesting read.


David Warmflash (a very cool name) has a post up at Discovery looking at the issues with establishing off world colonies: Forget Mars. Here’s Where We Should Build Our First Off-World Colonies.

The collective space vision of all the world’s countries at the moment seems to be Mars, Mars, Mars. The U.S. has two operational rovers on the planet; a NASA probe called MAVEN and an Indian Mars orbiter will both arrive in Mars orbit later this month; and European, Chinese and additional NASA missions are in the works. Meanwhile Mars One is in the process of selecting candidates for the first-ever Martian colony, and NASA’s heavy launch vehicle is being developed specifically to launch human missions into deep space, with Mars as one of the prime potential destinations.

But is the Red Planet really the best target for a human colony, or should we look somewhere else? Should…

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On this site we regularly discuss a wide range of legal concepts. However, we only do this for the purpose of providing a background for legal reforms to be implemented in future space settlements.

For this reason one cannot derive any rights from any discussion of legal concepts on this site. We do not intend to give legal advise in actual legal procedures in terrestrial nations.

Therefore we do not accept any responsibility for possible damage resulting in the use of our articles involving legal concepts in actual legal procedures.

Further we will not deal with any request for legal advise submitted through our contact form.

Anti-spam law

Any person who is guilty of distributing spam will be sentenced to detention of no more than ten years, community service of no more than eight hundred and twenty hours, or a fine of no more than a hundred eighty-two units.

Any person who makes it his [or her] profession or habit to distribute spam will be sentenced to penal transportation or detention of no more than fifteen years.