Name change

In order to prevent confusion we have decided to change the name of this site, currently Republic of Lagrangia. There are two reasons to reconsider a name change:

  1. The current name either suggest that we are either a micronation or a government in exile. We are neither.
  2. It distracts from the actual name of the country we want to establish: the Humanist Republic of Mordan.

We are considering the following names:

  1. The Lagrangian Republican Association
  2. The Lagrangian Humanist Republicans
  3. The Lagrangian Humanist Settlers Association

We would like to hear your opinion on this change.

10 thoughts on “Name change”

        1. I agree with you it’s a nice word, though it’s important that people will understand it without having to look it up in dictionary. But I will take it into consideration.

  1. You are too late to prevent confusion. I’ve been confused ever since I began reading your site. 😦

    But I will try to give my opinion of your name change. 🙂

    I don’t like the word Republican. I get a little twitch or tic whenever I see or hear it. Or maybe it is just the word “an” that is the offender as nothing happens when I see the word Republic.

    The word Settlers doesn’t settle too well with me. Seems a bit humdrum or everyday. Drab and lifeless. Just no get up and go feeling. I prefer something with a pioneering spirit.

    Association is a group with a common interest or pursuit. But the word association congers up: “Oh it’s Thursday night. Darn! Got to go to the boring association meeting. They will just be asking for more money or voting on something.”

    I found some substitutes: cooperative, league, partnership, coalition, alliance and yes guild as suggested by john z.

    Humanist seems satisfactory to me. I would suggest leaving the “The” off of any new names.

    Thanks for inviting us to participate. 🙂

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