Submission guidelines

On principle we have no problem with receiving unsolicited articles from readers. However we do not accept everything we receive. Any submitted content should fit within the subject matter of this site.

Before submitting any unsolicited content, one should first consider the following rules:

First of all we will never pay anything for unsolicited content. And we definitely do not need ghost writers.

Secondly we do not publish articles which promote conspiracy theories.

Thirdly we also consider requests for sharing articles you have published elsewhere as submitting unsolicited contents.

Fourthly submitted contents should deal with the social or technological aspects of space settlement, within in the context of humanism, secularism and liberalism.

7 thoughts on “Submission guidelines”

  1. I like the new look of your site. The blue side bar with latest comments. I like seeing my gravatar there. 🙂 The calendar is most useful too just in case I want to reread something. I see one can go backwards to previous months. But there is with my calendar a drop down archive feature that would allow one to choose the year and then the month.

    1. Thanks that you like the new look. However, the sidebar was there already, but in our previous theme its was only visible on the homepage, not on individual posts. We have chosen this one, because it puts the sidebar on all pages and posts.

    1. No, I don’t worry about you doing this. There are, however, dubious persons who are so desperate to distribute their garbage that they sent us emails begging us to place their junk.

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