Polybius on forms of government

Polybius (c.200 BC – c.118 BC) is one of the main theorists of what we currently call classical republicanism. His political thought is heavily influenced by Aristotle, though his contributions are important enough to give him separate consideration. Continue reading Polybius on forms of government


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High and low politics

Often we hear the terms “high” and “low politics”, though the precise meaning of these terms heavily depends upon the person who use them. In this post I will propose, from a classical republican perspective, my own definitions. Continue reading High and low politics


General outline of a basic income

In other posts we have discussed the ideas behind a basic income. Here we will propose a general outline of a system for a basic income guarantee. Basically there are two types of basic income: Continue reading General outline of a basic income


Res publica and corrupt public officers

In classical republican thought the duty of public officers is to promote the public good or general interest. When public officers use their positions to promote their own interests instead of those of the public at large, then republicans will speak of corruption.

To put straight forward: corruption is the abuse of public office for private gain at the cost of the public good.

Corruption has many forms, the bribery of civil servants – common in many parts of the world – is probably one of the most well-known forms. Another common type of corruption is the embezzlement of public funds by government officials.

In ancient Athens people who were suspect of being potential usurpers, could face ostracism – i.e. (temporary) exile from the polis. The idea behind this was that by removing such persons, they would not be a threat any longer.

In our opinion public officers who have been convicted for corruption should be punished with deportation to a penal colony. Additional their property should be confiscated, also they should be striped from their right to vote and hold public office.


Desert-based solar power

On the site of The Independent we found the following article about a project to build a 100 square kilometer solar farm in the Sahara. Costs: 8 billion pound sterling. The produced electricity will be exported to Europe though a sub-marine cable from Tunisia to Italy. Continue reading Desert-based solar power


State capitalism

This post is meant as a bonus for our regular readers and for the sake of historiography – to provide insight in the evolution of the ideas behind the movement represented by this site. Continue reading State capitalism


Reforms, revolution and immigration

Part I

Social reformers of whatever kind has at some point to face the as inconvenient as inevitable conclusion, that the overall majority of the population is conservative. This folk conservatism is distinct from other types of conservatism, but its main tenets are fear for the unknown and hence an inclination towards the status quo.

Continue reading Reforms, revolution and immigration


A short question

Do you think that menial work, i.e. the performance of household tasks, is a type of unproductive labour?


Automation: challenges and solutions

Automation is a bless and a curse. On one hand it liberates humans from dangerous, monotonous and boring work, while on the other hand it takes jobs from people and hence their source of income. The latter is not without consequences. Continue reading Automation: challenges and solutions