Legal codes

A short inventory on what laws a new society need, we have compiled the following list of legal codes. By no way this list is meant as exhaustive, it is quite likely that major topics are not yet included. Nor is this a definite list.

  1. Federal Constitution
  2. Penal Code
  3. Criminal Procedures Code
  4. Civil Code
  5. Civil Procedures Code
  6. Administrative Code
  7. Animal Welfare Code
  8. Financial Services Code
  9. Judiciary Code
  10. Military Discipline Code
  11. Armed Forces Code
  12. Police Code
  13. Civil Defense Code
  14. Civil Service Code
  15. Land Lease Code
  16. Education Code
  17. Healthcare Code
  18. Immigration Code
  19. Legal Professions Code
  20. Food Safety Code
  21. Tax Code
  22. War Code
  23. Controlled Substances Code
  24. Traffic Code
  25. Accountants Code
  26. Real Estate Makers Code
  27. Gambling Code
  28. Sex Work Code
  29. Elections and Referendums Code
  30. Firearms Code
  31. Retail Code
  32. Energy Code
  33. Water and Waste Treatment Code
  34. Welfare Code
  35. Offences Code
  36. Communication Code
  37. Registers Code
  38. Decorations Code
  39. Workplace Safety Code

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