Outline Penal Code

Below an outline of our proposal for a penal code. The proposed code is under construction and will with crimes, while lesser offences (calles contraventions) are treated in the offences code.

In the comment section you could propose specific provisions for this code, but recall that those should fit into our commitment to secular, liberal humanism. More specific we do not believe in victimless crimes, i.e. a crime should impose harm on either individuals or on society at large.

Penal Code of the Humanist Republic of Mordan


Book 1 General provisions

Title 1 On penal law in general
Title 2 On principal penalties
Title 3 On additional penalties and measurements
Title 4 On inchoate and repeated offenses
Title 5 On juvenile offenders

Book 2 Crimes

Title 1 Crimes against life
Title 2 Crimes against sexual integrity
Title 3 Crimes against personal security
Title 4 Crimes against property
Title 5 Crimes against the security of the state
Title 6 Crimes against public security
Title 7 Crimes against public health
Title 8 Crimes against democracy
Title 9 Crimes involving the abuse of authority by public officers
Title 10 Crimes against justice
Title 11 Crimes of miscellaneous nature

Crimes against animals will be included in the Animal Welfare Code.