Why do they even try?

For some reason this site attracts a huge number of spam comments, at the moment Akismet has registered over 23,000 spam comments* over the last two years. In contrast Fascinating Future has received “only” 465 spam comments since June 2013.

We know that the main purpose of spam comments is to plant links on websites. The more links point towards the site of the spammer, the higher it will be indexed by search engines. At least this is theory, as renowned search engines try to eradicate such tactics from their ranking algorithms. Not in the last place, because the spammers’ website are rarely interesting.

However, this only works if the submitted spam comments are actually placed on a site. But on this site no spam comment has made it so far. In general Akismet is capable to recognize spam comments for what they are and put them in the spam queue, from where they are deleted. And if Akismet actually misses a spam comment, what happens from time to time, then it comes in our moderation queue and then are flagged as spam, and subsequently deleted.

If spammers would take a little effort to investigate whether their spam comments are actually placed, they would discover that they could better avoid this site. Of course, we know they will not do this and they will continue to submit their spam comments to a large number of sites, hoping that at last one will place them.

19 thoughts on “Why do they even try?”

  1. I’ve often asked myself this question. Crazy how much spam goes out. It’s gotta be automated to just be sent in the hopes one person somewhere will click on it and buy those Nike gym shoes that they’re selling.

    1. Some of those spam is sent by bots, but they also employ poor people in poor countries to submit such comments. Though even in the latter case the comments follow a prefabricated format.

      1. Employing poor folks in poor countries to sell unneeded sh*t to consumers in developed countries? Naw. That wouldn’t happen. It would be…evil to do such a thing. Or at best, not nice. What Capitalist company or person would do such a thing?

        1. Unfortunately, it happens – I am not imagining it, as I could not do so, but it was I read in articles on this subject. And it’s evil, no doubt. Well, in the past capitalist companies used slave labor in order to make profit, and some still do so… But my short answer would be ruthless criminals.

          1. Oh, I know it’s true. And I consider it slavery and horrible. Walmart has whole factories in 3rd world countries where they make products to sell in America. They employ people in 10 to 12 hour shifts and many of them actually live on the factory premises. The cost for these lodgings is, of course, deducted from the almost non-existent salary of the workers. India and, at one time, China were places this went on. Makes your stomach turn to see it.

  2. Lately we have been getting a spike in the spam comments but luckily Askimet and its monkeys do all the work for us. We are not complaining.

    1. >>We are not complaining.

      Indeed, I am quite happy with Akismet. And yet it’s interesting that despite Akismet, people still try to submit their spam comments.

            1. Naw. Wish I were. The Nike company is filthy rich! I’m just certain that everyone on WP, at one time or another, gets the same spam. It really is impressive how almost all of it is caught and sent to the spam folder though. Must be Jesus working in the great machine that is WP. $Amen$

              1. They’re not quite original those spam comments, I see the same ones a dozen times a day or so. Also it makes Akismet’s job a little easier, as you have one comment in the spam database, you can directly send its copies to spam queue. The trouble is more in the occasional new ones.

    1. Some are indeed nice, but those are often just flattery meant to seduce people to place them. Those are, however, the smarter ones, as many are just meaningless. Do they really think we are flagging comments with no meaningful contents as “not spam”?

      1. Nobody has tried to seduce me for over 60 years more or less. lol
        But I am too smart to click. Beside one can mouse over their name and see the nonsense. 🙂

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