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Normally we do not react on whatever search terms are used to get on this site and we are aware of. Usually those are not that interesting, but we recently got one, we believe is worth some discussion.

Would a robot brothel be legal

Honestly, we cannot answer that question as the answer depends on one’s jurisdiction. Robot brothels would be probably illegal in jurisdiction which currently prohibit human brothels, but would probably legal in those which allow prostitution..

If the question has to be understood as should a robot brothel be legal. Then the answer will depends on one’s views of prostitution. Speaking on a very personal note, I think that prostitution is an objectionable but necessary evil. And along the lines of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, I would argue that robot prostitution would be necessary to protect human females from rape and sexual harassment.

But if you believe that prostitution is nothing wrong to begin with, then why should robot prostitution not be legal? And if you believe that prostitution should be illegal anyway, I see no reason to make an exception for robot prostitution.

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  1. Actually, I think one could oppose human prostitution while allowing robot prostitution to remain legal, or even preferred as an alternative. Prostitution involving real women can potentially harm real people, and also lead to the transmission of disease for obvious reasons. Manufactured robot prostitutes, on the other hand, would probably not be at risk for catching diseases (though I suppose they may transfer them if not cleaned properly) and by reducing demand might prevent real women from being harmed.

    1. This is pretty much my position as expressed in the second last paragraph, that we need robot prostitution to protect human women. In particular from forced prostitution and similar evils.

      In case of conterminous diseases as result of improper cleaning, the robot brothel owner should be held liable for any damage caused.

  2. I don’t really see any difference between a sex-robot and a sex-toy, unless the robot was capable of independent thought, emotions, etc. The film “Blade Runner” got into this hypothetical question of morality quite well.

    1. I agree, the capability of independent thought would be the critical distinction here. Such capability is not required for a functional sex robot, only a sophisticated system for interaction would be needed.

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