Emblem of the Humanist Republic of Mordan



Virtually all nations have either a coat of arms or an official emblem. The Humanist Republic of Mordan will have an emblem, which is shown in the picture above.

The blue thing below contains the republic’s official motto:


Or translated in English:


The blades of the swords are silver, and the handles are gold.

The letters SPQM stands for Senatus Populusque Mordanus – the Senate and People of Mordan.

The “pizza-slices” with SP and QM are light blue.

10 thoughts on “Emblem of the Humanist Republic of Mordan”

          1. I have made a lot of things in Inkscape … a vector graphics program. I started to do the entire emblem myself……would have taken days. 😦
            So I pulled in the wreath and swords from online graphics then did some editing on them. Then put the rest together. I can pull your design into the program to follow along.
            Inkscape is lots of fun. I can spend hours and hours playing.

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