Animal Welfare Code

The Mordan Animal Welfare Code will consist of five books.

Book 1 General provisions

This book contains the general provisions of Mordan animal law.

It defines what are animals.

It states that living animals are not things and cannot be owned.

It states that non-human animals have interests on their own, independently from humans.

It states that human may use animals but only in ways that does not impose suffering on animals.

Book 2 On domestic animals

This books deals with both companion and farm animals.

It deals with what animals can be kept as pets and under what conditions.

It deals with animal breeding and transfer of custody of pets.

It establish the central registration of pets.

It sets up the general framework of animal healthcare.

It deals with animal shelters, including the prohibition to euthanize healthy animals.

Book 3 On wild animals

This book deals with wild animals.

It state that state governments are responsible for the welfare of wild animals.

It prohibits the capture of wild animals, unless there is good reason for this.

Book 4 Research involving animals

It prohibits vivisection on animals and sets up the rules for other types of research involving animals.

Book 5 Crimes against animals

Prohibits killing animals without good cause.

Prohibits cruelty against animals.

Provide penalties for violation of the rules of this code.

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      1. If something comes to mind, sure, but you seem to have covered most bases. The only thing which I might suggest is granting all sentient creatures non-person personhood status, therefore making crimes against animals parallel to human-on-human crimes, and as such, the subject to the same penalties/punishment.

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