Aggravated rape

Definition of “ordinary” rape in the Mordan Penal code:

Rape is any act of sexual penetration of any kind done with any means, committed on a person without that person’s consent.

Definition of aggravated rape:

Aggravated rape is the rape committed with any of the following aggravating conditions:

a. under armed threat;

b. of a person below the age of sixteen years;

c. if committed in combination of burglary;

d. if the victim was tranquilized with the intent of rape;

e. if committed by multiple persons;

f. if the victim was dependent of the care of the perpetrator;

h. if the perpetrator hold a position of authority over the victim;

i. if the perpetrator was aware of being infected with a sexual transmittable disease.;

j. in combination of torture;

k. resulting in death or permanent comatose state of the victim;

l. resulting in severe bodily harm;

m. of a close relative;

n. if committed during war or civil unrest;

o. if committed in prison by a prisoner.

Serial rape is considered as a separate crime and is defined as:

Serial rape is committing rape or aggravating rape on multiple occasions by the same person.

Both aggravated and serial rape will warrant a higher penalty than ordinary rape.

Child sexual abuse and sex with minors are defined separately, because these do not depend on the question whether the victim has consented with the act.

Sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault are also defined separately as these crimes do not require penetration.


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