Wildlife contraception

In larger space settlements such as O’Neill Cylinders, there will be space to create ecosystems such as forests, grasslands and savannas with associated wildlife.

In modern societies hunting is defended as a tool to control the growth of wild animal populations. Killing of excess population is believed by many to be necessary to prevent destruction of ecosystems resulting from overpopulation.

Even if we accept that overpopulation is a serious threat, then hunting is still at odds with animal welfare and animal rights. The question we have to ask, is whether hunting is the only method to control animal populations.

The direct cause of wildlife overpopulation is that more animals are born than would be sustainable. If excess births could be prevented then culling those excess population would not be necessary at all.

Scientists are studying and developing various kinds of wildlife contraceptives. If such contraceptives could be successfully used to prevent excess birth of wild animals, then there will be no need for hunting. And hence a total prohibition of hunting could be established.

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