On dogs

Dog attacks are a serious problem, people bitten by dogs can contract diseases or even die from such attacks. The government has the duty to protect its citizens from the danger posed by dogs.

Given that the majority dog owners are responsible, we see no reason to outlaw keeping dogs by civilians – with the exception of certain breeds. Nevertheless, we feel it necessary that certain regulations should be introduced in regard to people walking their dogs in public spaces.

First of all, the use of leashes should be mandatory when one is walking his dog in public spaces. Such leashes should not be longer than 1.5 meters. Secondly, when dogs are in public spaces, they will be required to wear a muzzle. People who violate this rules will get fined.

These rules will not apply in specially assigned areas. These areas will be fenced and the entrances will be marked with plates informing people they are entering a free range area for dogs.

Also prospective dog owners should be required to follow a course on responsible dog ownership. Too many dog owners underestimate the risks of dog attacks. However, properly trained dog owners will able to handle their dogs more adequately.

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          1. According to my brother, A. Schopenhauer called his dog “Mensch” [German for human] when his dog misbehaved, as an expression of his pessimistic views of humans.

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