Baker on contraception

An interesting new way of contraception is discussed in Robin Baker‘s book Sex in the Future. Baker proposes a system in which people get sterilized at young age (16 or 18 for instance) and that their gametes would be stored ex vivo. When a couple wants to start a family they would retrieve their gametes from the storage and became pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Of course this program should be entirely voluntary, although it would be quite effective.

2 thoughts on “Baker on contraception”

  1. You know, I was just thinking a while ago about this very same idea and how much more convenient it would make things–I guess Robin Baker got to it ahead of me! I also think such firm control of reproduction would go hand in hand with artificial wombs. While natural birth would be available to any woman who wanted it, I think= it might actually be easier to place the stored ex vivo gametes into an artificial womb (with the consent of both parents, obviously) rather than implanting them into the mother’s, with the the inconvenience and possible risk natural pregnancies entail.

    1. Baker did discuss artificial uteri as well, consider much of the same points as you. Unfortunately his “sex in the future” is currently out of print.

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