The Four Goals revisited

Earlier we published an article on four goals formulated by Gerard O’Neill. In that article we only described what these goals were, here we will present how we want to achieve those goals.

1. There should be put an end to hunger and poverty for all humans.

In order to eliminate poverty, we are in favor of a basic income for every citizen. Further food security will be a prime concern for the government.

2. There should be found an optimal living climate for the entire world population.

In line with O’Neill we favor a strict separation of industrial and agricultural activity from residential areas. Also we favor spatial planning designs which combine urban and country life.

3. Without resorting to war, famine, dictatorial government or coercion, a birth control regime should be implemented.

We support the introduction of a publicly funded contraception program based on the proposal made by Robin Baker. Participation in this program will be voluntary.

4. Individual liberty and freedom of choice for every single human being should be increased.

Together with adequate education for all, we have proposed an extensive program for social economic reforms. These will give individuals the knowledge and means to choose and pursue his or her own ends in life.

4 thoughts on “The Four Goals revisited”

    1. >>A problem exists in placing industrial area too far away from the workers, namely, travel.

      Fair point. But with free space habitats separation is not really a matter of distance. A space habitat is a closed structure and industry is located outside this structure. Further workers do need to travel to their jobs with tele-operation.

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