Meat consumption by country

We have found an interesting webpage on worldwide meat consumption. On that site there is a map of the world and by hovering over a country, one can see the individual meat consumption by country in 2009.

According to ChartsBin the US had the highest per capita meat consumption of 120.2 kg per person, followed by Kuwait with 119.2 kg and Australia with 111.5 kg per person. In sharp contrast, India has a low per capita consumption of 4.4 kg. This is not quite surprising if one considers that 70 percent of vegetarians lives in India, and that country has a well-developed vegetarian cuisine. World average was 41.9 kg in 2009.

In general the map confirms that meat consumption is highest in the most affluent nations. The poorest nations has by far the lowest levels of meat consumption.

It is, however, not clear whether this figures do include the consumption of fish (and other seafood). Fish is often not considered meat and hence not treated the same in statistics.

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  1. We don’t eat much meat either. No red and mostly chicken and some fish. The reason was mainly to cut expense and now we are happy with less. I could do without but not my husband. And since he does most of the cooking…………

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