Waste collection in space settlements

Around the world underground waste containers are an increasingly common feature of the street scene. These containers allow people to dispose of their domestic waste when needed rather than having to wait for the garbage truck.

Most underground waste containers still need to be emptied manually. But around the world there are experiments with automated pneumatic waste collection. The idea is to connect underground waste containers with an underground tube system. Once garbage is put in the container, it will be sucked through the pipes towards a waste collection station.

Such a system would make garbage trucks obsolete and will allow instant waste disposal rather than periodic collection. Therefore automated pneumatic waste collection is an interesting option for space settlements, in particular for the larger ones (Bernal spheres or O’Neill cylinders).

Automated waste collection should be combined with waste segregation in order to establish an optimal waste collection system for space settlements.


The future of waste collection?

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  1. we have a huge problem with waste collection in our cities and towns and this would be a brilliant idea, whether they would invest in it, that I have doubts

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