Should central vacuum cleaners be mandatory?

Most people will be familiar with portable vacuum cleaners, but those are not the only type of vacuum cleaners. A central vacuum cleaner is a fixed structure that collects dirt through pipes in the walls. In order to use such system each room needs one or more vacuum inlets – one has to put the hose on the inlet.

The main benefit of a central vacuum cleaner is that a stronger motor can be used than in a portable one. This means more suction power and hence more difficult dirt can be collected. And since the dirt is collected centrally, no exhaust air filled with allergens will recirculate.

Because central vacuum cleaners are more hygienic than portable vacuum cleaners, we propose that the former will be mandatory in the homes of space settlements.

A central vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied a few times a year. But this tedious task might be eliminated if each home would be connected to dirt disposal tube system. Essentially this system would be a secondary central vacuum cleaner.

16 thoughts on “Should central vacuum cleaners be mandatory?”

      1. I remember it being frightfully noisy, though. Not inside, of course, but outside where the unit was housed. Neighbours must have hated it. Something to keep in mind, I guess.

    1. John, I concur. I have told him on more than one occasion that he amazes me with the detail he has paid to this pet project.

  1. I used to have one of these in a house I lived in 20 years ago. Loved it. Sadly, they are rare!

    But yes – one cannot accuse Mordanicus to not think about everything.

  2. I think so. A central vacuum cleaner is a good choice for the home. But to clean the house we may need a hand-held vacuum cleaner again.

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