Education in space settlements: puzzles

The main purpose of education is to stimulate the intellectual development of the citizens of the republic. Acquiring factual knowledge is only a part, more important are the skills of weighing, analysing and evaluating information.

The three “R’s” (reading, writing and arithmetic) will be the main subjects of primary education in the Humanist Republic of Mordan. In addition we propose to add solving puzzles to the curriculum of elementary schools.

These puzzles will include both word games (e.g. crosswords [1], word search) and logic puzzles (e.g. nonograms, Sudoku). Word games are good to train the linguistic skills of children, while logic puzzles will help students to develop their ability to make abstract reasoning.

Ideally, the puzzles should be designed in such way that student will like to do them.


[1]  Crossword puzzles should include the knowledge ES students are ought to learn.


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