Victim Compensation Fund

We believe that victims of crime should be entitled to adequate compensation for the harm they suffered and ideally the perpetrator of a crime should pay. However, they are instances where either the perpetrator is unknown or lacks sufficient means to pay compensation.

Therefore we propose the establishment of a victim compensation fund which will pay compensation to the victims of crime. The purpose of this fund is to ensure that victims receive the compensation they are entitled to and not to absolve criminals from paying compensation.

In theory this system will work as follows. After the VCF has paid compensation to a victim, the perpetrator will have to pay of his debt to this fund. For instance by paying a monthly sum of money until the full compensation has been paid off.

Nevertheless, additional funding seems to be necessary. In order to prevent an undue burden of the tax-payer, we propose to assign all revenue raised by fines and asset forfeiture of criminals to this fund. This has the additional benefit that it prevents the state from imposing fines just to fill the gaps.