Trade agreement clause

We propose the following clause to the Mordan constitution:

No trade agreement shall infringe upon the rule of law, public health, human rights, animal welfare or the environment.

No trade agreement will be ratified unless such agreement is approved by two-thirds of the eligible voters in a referendum.

This clause is in line with our position on alter-globalization.

4 thoughts on “Trade agreement clause”

  1. I agree that things should be put to a referendum, and it is possible with a small population. Of course, it would make politicking pretty unbearable as it would foster an environment of wall-to-wall political adverting

    1. I understand your position and I think you made a fair point. Nevertheless I believe that trade agreements such as CETA, TPP and TTIP have such impact on society that the population should vote on such treaties.

      1. Agreed. And for it to work we must have a truly independent media…. so, back to your blackboard and work out how we do that 😉

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